Monday, May 16, 2011

Two for One

Two for One, that is, two races in one blog post. Life is flying past and leaving little time for blog posts but finally making time to recap two races.

March: Spring Forward 9 mi. Race at 17 Weeks Pregnant

Since I didn't look at all pregnant, I pinned this sign to my back just for fun! We had a chilly yet sunny March morning for this hilly 9 mile race. Running attire included tights, long sleeves and gloves! I ran this race with a friend and we had a great time chatting up and down all of the hills. We stayed together until around the last mile and then I went ahead since I was feeling good and I could "smell" the finish line! Honestly, I can't remember my exact finishing time but I think it was around 1:30ish...

May 1: Flower City Challenge, Half Marathon at 21 Weeks Pregnant

This 13.1 miles was an amazing memory because I paced my Mom (Carol), age 60, for her first ever half marathon! Just a year ago, she trained for a 5K and came here to run it. Since then she continued running and entered several 5K's and one 5 miler on Thanksgiving Day. (There was a blog about that one complete with a picture of us posing with a running turkey...) Anyway, I sent her a training plan months ago and asked her to think about training for this half marathon. After deciding to take the challenge and sign up for the race, it was on! Mom trained hard for this one and it was a privilege to stay with her for every mile and cross the finish line together!

Mom and I with our medals after the race at my house.

Cheering for us at the finish line was my Dad, my sister Lindsay and her 3 year old son, Noah. Noah LOVES his Grammie and high fived her just before she crossed the line! Mom was thrilled to have held a 12:00 minute pace after not being sure she could maintain it for that distance, and finished in 2:38 and some change. Lindsay made this fun sign as a surprise and brought it to the race to cheer us on!

A HUGE congrats to my Mom! I am so proud of her for running such a great race! She has already mentioned thoughts of finding another half marathon to run...

Preggo Running Update

Still working, house hunting in WA, house selling here in NY, packing boxes, and hosting visitors but definitely RUNNING! Weekly mileage is 30-33ish and feels great! Actually, my IT band flared up after the half marathon, but it's much better this week than last week and definitely getting better. IT pain slowed down a few runs for sure, but this past week's long run of 10 miles was much improved and I ran a 9:21 pace, thanks to a fabulous running partner who made the miles click by! Still getting to the yoga studio and managing weekly long runs of 10-13 miles so I cannot complain about being pregnant! I still think I don't really look specifically pregnant, more like a girl with a gut! Here are a couple of belly pictures...

21 Weeks, day before the half marathon

23 Weeks, definitely a girl with a GUT, but almost 6 months??? Crazy how fast this is going!