Sunday, April 4, 2010

Heat Wave

My Grandfather, two sisters, sis-in-law, and TEN nieces and nephews!
A week before this pic, my Grandfather spent 5 days straight SKIING!!!!
He's 83 years old-WOW!!!
Last weekend with my family in PA was a fabulous couple of days! We had lots of fun and cute kiddo's running around, spent a day at a park for a picnic, watched my parents renew their wedding vows after 38 years, and enjoyed precious time together. I managed to fit in a hilly 10 mile long run on that chilly Saturday morning. God has blessed me with wonderful family for which I am incredibly thankful!

This weekend our NY temps climbed to 84 degrees two days in a row! I made the most of it-biking 44 miles with two amazing girlfriends on Friday followed by a 30 minute run. Then Saturday I ran 12 miles on a gorgeous sunny and warm morning follwed by a 23 mile bike ride, both with great friends. IM training is going great and I still love it just as much as I did last summer. I've completed three weeks of my training plan, 21 to go! Obviously I'm only at the beginning, barely, but loving it all. I'm getting two workouts a day and one rest day every week. Generally swimming 3 times a week, biking 3 times, running 3 times, and one brick workout a week. (bike/run = brick)

I did suffer a heat/dehydration headache after the long bike ride and short run on Friday. It lasted all night AND I woke up with it the next morning. Then I ran 12 miles, with a headache still, came home to a recoverite smoothie and got ready for the bike ride. I would have skipped the bike but had committed to ride with some friends who were biking for the first time and I didn't want to back out on them. (Plus I knew I would be okay.) It ended up being fine, my headache was practically gone by the end of the ride and went away completely after I ate and showered. Our temps jumped from 50's and 60's to mid-80's which is why I think the headache came on-not heat acclimated yet, but I survived. I did take tylenol and ibuprofen throughout but they didn't work!

Week Totals: Swimming 6000 yards, Biking 110 miles, Running 26 miles (wimpy running!!! not like marathon 50 mile weeks!)

Finally, here is a pic of me and my siblings taken on our family weekend, lined up oldest to youngest, yep, I'm the old lady at 35. LOL! I love my sisters and bro!

Kirsten, Kellee, Kendra, Nathan, Lindsay

(Can you find nephew Jacob peeking from behind? hee hee!!!)