Sunday, April 4, 2010

Heat Wave

My Grandfather, two sisters, sis-in-law, and TEN nieces and nephews!
A week before this pic, my Grandfather spent 5 days straight SKIING!!!!
He's 83 years old-WOW!!!
Last weekend with my family in PA was a fabulous couple of days! We had lots of fun and cute kiddo's running around, spent a day at a park for a picnic, watched my parents renew their wedding vows after 38 years, and enjoyed precious time together. I managed to fit in a hilly 10 mile long run on that chilly Saturday morning. God has blessed me with wonderful family for which I am incredibly thankful!

This weekend our NY temps climbed to 84 degrees two days in a row! I made the most of it-biking 44 miles with two amazing girlfriends on Friday followed by a 30 minute run. Then Saturday I ran 12 miles on a gorgeous sunny and warm morning follwed by a 23 mile bike ride, both with great friends. IM training is going great and I still love it just as much as I did last summer. I've completed three weeks of my training plan, 21 to go! Obviously I'm only at the beginning, barely, but loving it all. I'm getting two workouts a day and one rest day every week. Generally swimming 3 times a week, biking 3 times, running 3 times, and one brick workout a week. (bike/run = brick)

I did suffer a heat/dehydration headache after the long bike ride and short run on Friday. It lasted all night AND I woke up with it the next morning. Then I ran 12 miles, with a headache still, came home to a recoverite smoothie and got ready for the bike ride. I would have skipped the bike but had committed to ride with some friends who were biking for the first time and I didn't want to back out on them. (Plus I knew I would be okay.) It ended up being fine, my headache was practically gone by the end of the ride and went away completely after I ate and showered. Our temps jumped from 50's and 60's to mid-80's which is why I think the headache came on-not heat acclimated yet, but I survived. I did take tylenol and ibuprofen throughout but they didn't work!

Week Totals: Swimming 6000 yards, Biking 110 miles, Running 26 miles (wimpy running!!! not like marathon 50 mile weeks!)

Finally, here is a pic of me and my siblings taken on our family weekend, lined up oldest to youngest, yep, I'm the old lady at 35. LOL! I love my sisters and bro!

Kirsten, Kellee, Kendra, Nathan, Lindsay

(Can you find nephew Jacob peeking from behind? hee hee!!!)


Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Wow is right! I want to do that when I'm 83! Cute pic with your nephew!

You are going to be so strong from all of your exercising! Thx for the brick definition!

Jen said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Love it.

Sandy said...

I had a wonderful time riding with you, Kirsten. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just love your pictures, Kirsten. You have such a large family and you all look so happy together.

I can't wait to spend more time with you this summer, if you'll have me, that is. :)

Carol said...

I love your tribute comments to the fam. You are an amazing woman of strength, discipline and humility.

Janet said...

Think its awesome you all got together. it was fun at Christmas when we got together as a family. I am tired :) of reading about everyone running. First Jennifer, then Lindsay and now your mom.. Geez.. I am prego you know so I can't run.. but might jump on the band wagon after this baby comes out.