Sunday, November 4, 2007

Wynne Half Marathon

This is going to be more details about running a race than anyone ever wanted to read. So here is a look inside my head about running and my race experience yesterday. I'm not offended if it is not your thing and you'd rather skim or skip the enitre entry. I'm writing just for fun anyway! Who knows, maybe this blog will turn into a running blog for me after all...

Yesterday was the Mid-South Marathon and Half Marathon in Wynne, Arkansas. I am in the middle of training for the Memphis Marathon in December and signed up for the Wynne Half as part of my training. Running a half marathon now during training can help me see where I am as far as pace for a December marathon. I love this race, I have run it several times before- the full marathon in 2001 and the half in 2003, 2004 and 2005. It is a small-town marathon with an out and back course through quiet country roads and the community really supports it to make it a success. (lots of volunteers at aid stations, etc.)

The weather was perfect yesterday, mid-40's at the start and mid-60's at the finish. It was a sunny, beautiful, clear day with very little wind. My goal was to run an 8 minute pace or better for the entire run since I'm coming off of a 20 mile training run, 18 mile training run and a 5K so I knew I could not really push any more than my recovery time would allow. I started out quicker than my goal pace but kept it up because I felt fine throughout the race. I started slowing from the beginning 7:22, 7:30 and 7:40 mile split times I was hitting in the early miles to 7:47 and 7:57 but knew I was still on track for my original 8 minute goal. At miles 9 and 10 I slowed all the way to 8:19 and 8:10 and had been the third place woman up until that point. I knew I could get passed at any moment by another female runner and still had hopes of catching the woman ahead of me. At that point I decided I would shoot for 8 minute miles and really focus on that pace goal to get to the end so I wouldn't get any slower. WELL!!!! There I was sipping water and walking a few steps through the aid station and this female in purple shorts trotted right past me! In my mind I was like "AAAGGH, it's happening!" So of course I started running as she sailed up the hill ahead of me! It was classic! I pushed it to try to catch her and pass her up and closed the gap considerably. She helped me really push the pace and mile 13 was a 7:36 mile for me but as I sprinted behind her on the track finish, she crossed the finish line 9 seconds ahead of me. I finished in 1:43:06 which was slightly under my 8 minute goal pace so it was a great run! I got fourth woman overall for which there is no trophy, but first place in my age group. I have placed second in this race in two previous years but yesterday wasn't my trophy day. :) I had fun talking to the women who beat me after the race, it was really great to laugh together and chat it up about our race experience. I got beat by a 40 year old, a 46 year old and a 53 year old!!!! GO WOMEN and I hope I can beat everyone like they can when I'm in my 40's and 50's!

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Holly said...

I am so happy you have a blog! It is really easy and fun even if Colin thinks it is crazy! I will be checking it often so keep the updates coming.
So sorry this weekend didn't work out. It is hard to travel with kids. I am glad you guys will be here in a few weeks!!