Saturday, November 6, 2010

2010 Marine Corps Marathon and 10K Running Skirts in Action

WOW!!! I've never made it on a skirt video before in a marathon! My friend Wendy posted this on her facebook page. She is at 19 seconds in the red dotted skirt and Mini Mouse ears with a big smile on her face! I'm at 57 seconds in a hot pink skirt and black tank. YAY for us!

It was gorgeous weather in DC for the entire weekend! Colin and I had a great time, loved where we stayed, loved being in the city, and both crossed the finish line and got our medals! He ran his FIRST marathon, woo hoo!!! So proud of him, he powered through despite major leg cramping from mile 16 to the end, yikes! He finished in 4:55 and plans to run another one when he has time to train, work schedule was nuts for him this time around. Plus he sprained his ankle at the end of August and lost 3 weeks of training. Congrats to him on becoming a marathoner!

I finished right back in the time zone of my first two marathons, uggh! But I was really burned out and tired from the all the tri's this summer, mainly the Ironman and then the half-iron in September, just had no speed in training so I knew it wouldn't be there race day. BUT I did finish and got the medal, in 4:31.

This was my 18th marathon, something to celebrate right? I signed up for Dallas White Rock Marathon on Dec. 5 because I don't know if I'll get to run one this spring if we are moving, lots of "up in the air" things in life right now. And I figure if I rest up, don't do any long runs that will beat me down, get out there and hit some speedwork, I can at least run a 4:29! Ha ha! Seriously, it would be nice to run around a 4 hour or 4:15, not trying to BQ, just trying to bank on my training and take a little time off. PLUS my friends from Arkansas are running and I get to meet up with them and stay in the same hotel with them! And I will get to see two nieces and a nephew who LIVE there! Can't beat it! Besides, I've never run this marathon before. Did I convince you why I need to run it yet? :)

Most of the fun is hanging out with your friends at the finish and talking about the race! My two girlfriends from Rochester, Wendy and Steph (okay, actually she is from Canada!) met at the expo and at the finish and hashed out our race stories. I also loved meeting up with my Aunt Lisa who ran a 4:36, she has run Boston 5 times and is going back again this spring. My Uncle Mike, (Lisa's brother, both are my Mom's siblings...) ran a 3:33 and he's 54! His fastest marathon time is 3:08 which he ran not too long ago. I can't help but brag on their running times!!! (Lisa's PR is 3:45, since I'm in the bragging zone...) My cousin's husband, Austin, also ran this marathon on limited training time and STILL finished! And one of the most special finishers, Jen, my sis-in-law, ran her FIRST marathon in 5:03! Sadly we didn't get to meet up though we did try! I'm really SAD about that! But oh so proud of her! You can read her 6 posts about her first marathon on her blog.

I didn't mean to make this post so long. I will post a real story about my race soon, and will throw in a few pictures. Just wanted to share the skirt video and give a basic re-cap. CONGRATS to all of you who rocked the 2010 Marine Corps Marathon!!!


Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Congrats on finishing your 18th marathon! Wow! How fun to be in the skirt video and that you have so many marathoners in your family!

carol rush said... fun to read your blog and to see your dogs too! I am so blessed to have met you and feel like I know you! You are one of the sweetest, nicest people I have ever inspiration!

Jen said...

Thanks for the shout out, sister!

I loved knowing that we were out on the course together and that you were praying for me.

Awesome experience... and no, I am still not convinced that I will want to run another one.

Janet said...

I wanted to see a pic of your finish with medals.. congrats again 18 wow

steph-warren said...

Love reading your posts! How awesome is it to have a cameo in the Running Skirts video! Congrats also on #18!! Just an FYI - you have run 3 times as many marathons as I have!! AND you signed up for DALLAS in 4 weeks?? You are such an inspiration!!

Kate said...

aww, loved that video! i took a pic of that drum band with my cell phone!! they were so fun!

wow, your 18th marathon! that is something to totally celebrate! way to go and great finish time! you really rocked it after a long summer with Ironman training!

thank you for your sweet comments and for praying for me. i totally felt it when i needed it most! :)