Monday, August 8, 2011

Preggo Running Update

It has been MONTHS since I've been on this blog, but I'm still here and I'm still out there running. I will include lots of pictures in this post!

Last Rochester Run's with my FRIENDS: I made every group run I possibly could and created a few extra's to squeeze in as many miles with my friends as I could in our last weeks in Rochester. They are ALL greatly missed and will always be a huge part of my memories of our time living in NY. I know I have lifelong friends there and we will be meeting up for future races and triathlons. Somehow I was able to keep up with them while pregnant even for our last runs together. Once I got to WA and further into my third trimester I slowed down, but am so thankful I could keep up with them while I was there! Also thankful to still be running!

Last Saturday long run with my friends. 10 miles at a 9:29 pace. Thankfully everyone runs their long run at an easy pace. These guys are all fast Boston Qualifiers and Racers!!!
(almost 29 weeks preg.)

Early morning and very humid 10 miler the day before I left town. 10.4 miles, 9:36 pace.
(Kathy, Heather, Megan, Steve, me, Sandy, Wendy)

Kim and I before our last yoga class in Rochester.
(28 weeks preg.)

Moving: We have officially made the move from Rochester, NY to Tacoma, WA. It was quite a wild adventure complete with packing, loading, driving 6 days, my husband driving the moving truck towing a car and me driving the SUV with two bikes and two dogs, then unloading and unpacking and settling in...
Rudy and Goliath

Current Running: Since moving to Tacoma, my husband Colin has started running with me for almost every run. He has run 4 or 5 half marathons, his first marathon last fall, and slows down to stay with me. (even though I tell him to go ahead!) He takes Rudy, our 6 year old energetic golden retriever, and runs ahead of me for our short 4 milers through the week. Then for the weekend long runs, we leave Rudy at home, and Colin runs with me the whole time. He easily tolerates my slower pace and frequent RR stops. I'm a lucky girl! It's great to not have to run alone after leaving so many great running partners in Roch! I'm now on a 10:00 to 10:30 mile pace but occasionally run a mile or two around 9:40's and 9:50's which seems crazy fast in this pregnant state! ha! I feel great out there running, some days are much easier than others to run. It's definitely more of an effort to run with an awkward belly and constant pressure on the bladder! I cannot wait for that part to end! At 35 weeks pregnant, yesterday I ran 9 miles with Colin at a 10:28 average pace and had to make 3 RR stops due to a baby on my bladder! But I made it to the end. Glad to still be running 5 to 6 days a week and making it to yoga once or twice a week. On long runs especially, I can literally feel the baby going lower and lower into my pelvis, weird! Here is an overview of pictures so you can "watch" the belly grow!

Almost 27 weeks...

28 weeks

29 weeks

29 weeks
My friend Dawn (and her husband) came from Iowa to visit us in Tacoma and she and I ran 10 miles together. She slowed down for me! 10 miles, 9:53 pace, 32 weeks pregnant

Sideview, 32 weeks

33 weeks, after 10 miles at a 10:09 average pace (with Colin)

34 weeks, after a short 4 mile run

34 weeks, sideview

Summer Weather: OUTSTANDING!!!! If you need a reprieve from the summer heat, you must visit the Pacific Northwest. It's unbelievable great running weather with highs only in the mid to upper 70's and no humidity. You can run in the middle of the day and be perfectly fine or opt for a morning run in the 60's and sometimes high 50's. I'm not kidding!!!!!

Hiking: This state is absolutely gorgeous! There are mountains and hiking and skiing all within driving distance. We were able to get out on several hikes and take in some beautiful scenery. On a clear day you can see amazing views of Mt. Ranier from Tacoma. It's so cool to live where there are mountain and water views all within a mile from my house! We've decided to curb the hiking since I'm more "pregnant" now and would hate to be stuck miles up a trail and have something crazy happen and not be able to get back down quick enough!

During a short hike in the Olympics, 31 weeks...

A view on a day we went for a hike on part of Mt. Ranier.

Baby Prep: We didn't get a single baby thing before our move because the fit on the moving truck was way too tight for anything extra! Since arriving here, it has been a mad rush to start getting the necessities. There are several items still on the shopping list and nothing purchased has been taken out of bags or boxes yet! It's all just piled up in the baby's room! This baby better not come early! Actually I think I'll be late, the baby's estimated weight at the ultra sound last week was only 4.9 lbs and most people are late with their first babies, right??? I'm 35 weeks, due date is September 7 which is exactly one month from today. YIKES!!!!!!! Needless to say I'm nervous about the whole thing but gradually working through and trying to mentally prepare for the pain of labor and come up with plans and strategies of how to handle it! Then there's the whole adjusting to life with a baby-but one step at a time. Here are a few pictures of the baby's room for your entertainment! It is comical how "not ready" it appears to be currently, but we'll get there!

I know, quite a ways to go....

Happy Summer Running to all of you! My next post may not be until after the baby arrives but I promise to post a pic or two so you can all see the new little one! Still don't know the gender!! Any guesses???? The heart rate is always 130's so according to Old Wives Tales it could be a boy...


Jennifer-Nichole Thomas said...

KIRSTEN oh my goodness!! im so mad that i wont be there to see this new baby i love you though and you better send me lots and lots of pictures gosh!! love jenn

MOM Farren said...

Its a BOY!!!!!! You are so "cute" pregnant. Love you and miss you are really far away again.

beg98 said...

You are just amazing! I am so thrilled that you are running and loving life. You look just beautiful :) Sending love...

Anonymous said...

Good for Colin to be your running buddy. You will be more than prepared and ready for this baby. Enjoyed seeing the baby pile in the room. -Mom G.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Washington is a beautiful state - I'd like to live there! Looking forward to seeing the baby pics! What an exciting time!

Kate said...

i just LOVED all the pictures!! you are so beautiful and that belly is just adorable!! way to go on all your great running while prego - i think that is just awesome!

well today is your due date!! i pray you will have an easy and safe delivery!! i look forward to seeing pics of your sweet lil one very soon!! best wishes kristen!!