Saturday, January 19, 2008

Running with Rock

Today was a great morning for a run-cold, clear, sunny and definitely brisk! I headed out to Cabot to meet up with Raquel for a long run. We hadn't seen each other since October so it was great to run and chat it up for the entire run. Of course in classic "Kirsten" style--I was late! (I seriously need therapy on that one, I have the best of intentions....) So the group took off promptly at 7 and Rock waited until I got there. (thank you!)

We ran into Arland and Kelley and they told us which way to go for the route. We muddled through and ended up making up our own route in the middle,adding a couple of extra miles on to the original loop. It was awesome to run on all my old training roads from when I lived in Cabot, complete with several dogs running out at us! Nothing at all threatening though. In the middle we decided to add a loop knowing it would make our route longer. Raquel wanted 18 today anyway and I was fine with going a little more so it worked out great.

At the end Rock went out to finish her 18 and I called it quits at 16.5. By the time I changed my clothes across the street in the public RR, Brenda, Cindy and Lisa had finished up so I drove back over to say hi. It was good to see them and chat for a few minutes.

All in all, there is nothing like running with a great friend. We had a blast catching up on the latest, sharing training tips, laughing at ourselves and nothing at all, and just enjoying the run.


Arland said...

It was great running into you guys. Hope we didn't get you lost with our directions. You never know what the group will really end up doing during a run. Glad you guys had a good run. It was cold but a good morning for it. Keep training!

Annette said...

Kirsten I'm so glad you had such a great run in Cabot!! I wish I could have been there but I was in Little Rock running with the Marathon training group in West Little Rock (Rahling Road).