Saturday, February 2, 2008

Officially in Training...

I have officially registered for Boston and been accepted so now it's on for real...Hotel reservation is taken care of and the only thing left to do is get my flight and train. I'm so excited for the "Girls Weekend" in Boston with Lisa (My aunt from Indianapolis---our third Boston together), Melanie (from Stuttgart, our second Boston together) and Raquel (from Cabot, her FIRST Boston)----so exciting!

So training is going okay, ran 13 last Saturday with patches of ice and the dam bridge which was ALL ice and I had to walk/slide across the whole thing while holding the railing, really fun, let me tell you. But I made it, logged the miles. Today I met the LR marathon group at 0:dark O'clock in the morning (6!) and ran 16 miles on rolling hills, which were great actually. It was a decent pace until about mile 12 when my plantar's started to bother me but I finished in 2:18 with an 8:40 pace.

My true goal is to somehow become injury free by April 21 and be able to run the marathon with only the normal amount of pain involved with 26.2 miles, and not excruciating pain levels of injury. (which I have experienced several times-two IT band flare ups and one painful PF marathon...)I'm told it is possible for the PF to be gone by then, time will tell...I must STRETCH!!!!!


Annette said...

Hey Kirsten I was there too yesterday morning!! We ended up taking a detour that added in a couple of steep hills that we had to run twice!! LOL I managed to get 18 miles.

Anonymous said...

I will be praying for you as you train. Praying that your injuries are healed and that no new ones pop up. Jen

Nathan said...

Good luck on the upcoming Boston.
We will pray for wisdom in training etc. I wish I was in as good of shape as you.