Saturday, February 23, 2008

Great Run...Hard Recovery :)

Today's 18 miles was a great run for me, ran with my friends which is always good, and kept a decent pace-thanks to those good old friends! Why run alone? My right foot (the same PF problem) was noticeable and bothered me more for the last 5-6 miles but still maintained an okay pace. Unlike last Saturday's 20 miler which was extremely HARD mentally and physically painful for my foot and another favorite old friend--the left IT band. Oh the 30's, such a new world of aches, pains and injuries! I'm told that in my 40's I have even more to look forward to experiencing! Ha! I'm fine with all of it because I have so many friends in their 50's and 60's who are amazing runners and still running marathons. So, I'll count these aches and pains as "rites of passage" and reminders to STRETCH!

I'm really feeling like I'm into my training by now with two 18's and one 20 under my belt. Next week is the LR half marathon, which I don't expect to run fast, but it will be good training. After that I have just two more 20's (or a 21??) and one 18 for my ultra long training runs, with some shorter weekend long runs mixed in. (a 13 and 14 here and there.)

As for my recovery today, YUCK! I've accomplished nothing except the 18 miles and finally a shower! Unless you count laying on the couch, eating, and watching one and a half movies! My "to-do" list for tomorrow just grew another foot: house cleaning and laundry, grocery store, and a pile of school work! I'll survive. I actually have to get dressed and put make-up on for a birthday party tonight! But it will be lots of fun with our friends.

And I really need to post some pics of my weekly running groups! They have no idea how much I love meeting up to run with them on our assigned schedule of days, routes and distances. (I join a group that meets consistently on Mondays and Wednesdays and another consistent group on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I trade off meeting different groups for weekends depending on scheduled distances etc.)

Time to go accomplish SOMETHING! :) [besides 18 miles in 2:35:12 at an 8:36 pace.]


Arland said...

18 miles at a 2:35 pace sounds pretty good to me. Maybe one of these days I can get that fast. I know how you feel with the foot. I have the left foot thing, probably PF too. I have been taping before I run and it really helps. Good luck with the training. Boston will not be too far off!

Lisa said...

Wow! I am so impressed with your pace! I am, self admittedly, into running just for the exercise and don't concern myself with speed (other than consistancy or improvement), but I'll have to start reading your blog entries before I run--you are inspiring me to push harder. :)