Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow in MARCH

We have actually had snow twice in March this past week! And it was our first and only snows of the winter, so crazy!

Tuesday morning it was beautiful coming down and just barely starting to cover the ground. Went and met my running group at 5:30 and we all had slow recovery runs after racing on Sunday. But it was so cool to run in the snow. Of course nothing was canceled because the roads were fine and it was business as usual.

Then Friday we got dumped on, at least dumped on for Arkansas. Everything was canceled and lot's of people missed work. The snow continued for the most of the day but roads were no more then a little on the slushy side. Colin and I ventured out to the gym around noon and after lifting we headed to Murray Park to run in the snow.

The trail was slushy and cold, wet snow was falling pretty heavily at that point. Off we went with the wind at our backs. Our feet quickly got wet in the slush with each step and after the turn around we had the wind in our faces! We were soaked, pants were wet, feet and socks were wet. My jacket had a thick layer of snow sticking to the front. My baseball hat didn't keep the snow out of my eyes like I had hoped. I had to squint the entire time because of the snow pelting me in the eyes. But it still beat a treadmill! Somehow we ran a negative split even with the head wind, probably because we wanted to get to the end!

Finished 4 miles with an 8:36 pace and felt a lot better then I had in my earlier runs this week. Rough recovery from the race last weekend. So for this run, the only factor was the wind and snow in our faces! As we were driving away, I could finally open my eyes and see how beautiful it was out with everything snow covered and a curtain of white steadily falling.

I love snow days! A break from work, we were the only ones at the gym and the only ones on the trail. :)


Arland said...

I missed getting to run in the snow. Sounds like you guys had fun even if it was cold.

Annette said...

Kirsten I just wanted to say good luck and have fun in Boston!!! You and Rock have both trained hard and had your fair share of injuries and problems. Just go and have fun, we will all be tracking and cheering for you!!!!
I can't wait to hear all about it!