Saturday, June 14, 2008

Start spreadin' the news....NEW YORK

Wow, Surprise, a NEW post!!! My apologies for not getting on this but we have had a ton of "life" happen lately and there went all my free time.

So quick update: Colin graduated, out of state family came in for a visit, sold our house in Arkansas, bought a house in New York, packed up all of our "stuff," left some behind b/c it didn't fit on the truck, drove to NY with the dogs and everything else, flew back to AR, finished school, exams, grades, packed my classroom, said many tearful goodbye's (SERIOUSLY, lots of tears!) and made the treck back to NY with a fun stop in Indiana visiting Grandma Grace, aunts, uncles and cousins. :) [including an 11 mile run on the Monon Trail with my aunt Lisa, cousin Rose and her friend Amanda, in a mild thunderstorm with a steady light cooling rain, it was awesome!]

Whew...arrived safely in Rochester and went to work applying for jobs. Applied to 16 districts then looked around at piles of boxes and didn't know where to begin, almost shed a few tears over that one! But progress is being made, can't wait to be done unpacking and start painting rooms. :)

Meanwhile, I got online and looked up local running groups, found lots that meet for various workouts and long runs. Well, I just happen to live a quarter mile from a cool running store that is the meeting point for several. I mean God just totally picked this house out for us, it's also 3 miles from the hospital. (Colin's job, not future running injuries, I hope)

So Friday night I head out my front door and am at the running store in less than two minutes for their weekly "Happy Hour" run at 6 PM. How perfect is that?? I met a super nice girl and we ran together the whole 4.3 miles with a couple of challenging hills. (Did I mention it was hot and humid?? They've been having a heat wave this week, feels like I'm back in Arkansas. But I'm assured it won't last.)

By the end of the run, my new friend and I had planned to run together the following morning (Saturday) for a long run. There is a group long run every Saturday from the same store, they are a Rochester Marathon training group, go figure. :) So we met up again at the same running store and I got 14 miles, my longest run in awhile. It was slightly humid, but not bad, overcast and a breeze every once in awhile. I can't complain even though I was soaked and salt covered by the end.

Next plan is to meet at my new favorite running store on Tuesday night to run over to a local track for a group speed workout. And yes, I'm planning to run the Rochester Marathon on Sunday September 14. I know of a free hotel for any of you runners who might be interested and need a place to stay, it's called the Davis Extraodinaire and we'll try to get the bed set up in the guest bedroom by then. (there is also a couch, a futon and various floor space.) Unless of course, you're already running Berlin, in which case we are also planning to be in business for the Fall 09 Rochester Marathon. (Flat course BTW)

Colin is doing well, working like mad on the kitchen floor and other odds and ends. He needs some down time before he starts orientation on Monday. I guess he'll have to go to work to take a break! Dogs are happy and all is well. Miss my peoples but I promise to stay in touch!!

I'll try to post about Boston and throw a picture up to go with it, sometime....

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Holly said...

So glad to be a little caught up on your life. I have wondered about you guys a lot. We are looking forward to seeing where you guys are at, please do not feel any pressure to have anything done for us. We will talk to you soon about the final plan. Looking forward to it!