Friday, February 5, 2010

Cold- A State of Mind

COLD DEFINED: Several reactions to my post about the cold weather run of 2 degrees made me realize how much living in Rochester and running has changed my mindset when it comes to cold weather. Thank God! I can't imagine giving up running, EVER! When I lived in Arkansas, me and one of good friends and marathon training buds, Raquel, cried and whined about the cold weather to no end! We were hilarious when I think about it and our "cold" then is now my "warm" winter day, ha!!!! Our water bottles froze slightly on ONE day of colder weather and we could not believe it! Now it's a weekly long run occurrence and it almost freezes solid.

So, now 20s are decent winter temps for me and 30's warm winter temps. Upper 40's make me consider shorts! This is a FAR cry from when I used to show up in Arkansas with long pants and long sleeves on a "cold" fall day and get laughed at by all my running friends for being over-dressed when they had on their shorts still! Teens are on the cold side to me and single digits and below a definite challenge. One freezing winter day last year was 12 below and we ran 12 miles. Let me just say my balaclava was stiff and frozen solid, fun times. At the same time, this is nothing compared to Minnesota runners where below 0 temps are the norm. I know there are runners in all climates and I truly believe they don't let the weather stop them.

Goliath and Rudy greeting me at the door after a cold run in the dark decked out in full-on cold weather clothes and reflective vest. not the greatest photo quality....

MIND GAMES: If you struggle with getting out to run in the cold--and even if your "cold" is my "warm," it's still COLD to you and a real challenge! I understand the issue at hand! Most of the time getting out there is far more than half the battle. I can't tell you how many days I don't want to run and I wish I was one of the people that could be content to sit in my warm house in lieu of a run and be guilt-free!! But alas, that is not the case! So out the door I go because not going will make me feel worse as the day goes on then just biting the bullet and getting out there. Plus thinking about how good I will feel when it's completed. That gets me out the door, I might procrastinate it, but I get out there none-the-less.

Then, SURPRISE! I am running down my street with two or three layers, depending on the temps, maybe a jacket, and I feel GREAT! My body loves the run, it's invigorating, I'm not cold at all, it actually feels good out there. Even if it takes you a mile to get to that warmed up point, it's worth it. So try my mind games and see if they work for you. Happy Cold Weather Running people! Spring will be here before we know it, and what I really love to run in are shorts and a tank top!!!

These are my trail shoes with some stabilicers strapped to them. Basically screws that give traction in ice and bad snow. I needed them constantly last winter but this year the pavement has been much clearer.


Jen said...

Love the advice... keep it coming. We are getting 10+ inches today.

Jen said...

I need to get one of those reflective vests.

Anonymous said...

Everything can be relative, I guess. 50 years old is the new 40,0 degrees is the new 20 degrees,etc. I liked seeing the shoe adapters you use. I hate to think of you running in the dark, but it's hard to avoid in the winter. Sometimes while driving to school in the dark I see a morning runner out. Enjoyed your post as always. Love, Mom