Saturday, February 6, 2010

Post-Run Pancakes = Recovery

Every once in awhile after our Saturday long runs, I have the running gang over for pancakes-your choice, chocolate chip or blueberry. And of course we wash it down with mimosas and coffee, because you are supposed to hydrate after a run. (insert sarcasm...but it goes great with the pancakes.) It helps that I live only a quarter mile from the running store where we begin all of our group runs. I always run to the start instead of driving. And usually I walk home at the end of the run, except lately because it's so cold and snowy, I accept the offers for a ride. Here are before and after pics of my friends.

BeforeLeft to Right: McCardle, Wendy, Lehman, Steve, Kathy

This was our "pre-run" group at 7:10 AM while it was still beginning to get light out. We kicked it off with 4 miles, then met a HUGE group of 150plus at the store for the next chunk of miles. Several of these guys are pacers for the big group run and needed 20 miles today so we had to start early. I lucked out and only ran 12.75 since I had 20 last Saturday and 20 again next Saturday. Yay me! it gave me time to get home and start the pancakes. BTW I think it was around 16 or so this morning with some wind.

AfterBen, Naomi and Tegan are runner kids-children of runners, and they got to come and have pancakes too. Obviously they are good buddies and great kids! I love these guys!

This is the same gang after 20 miles, you'd never know it huh? I'm not in the picture since I'm holding the camera. We had a great time and the kids only had to tell us to be quiet a couple of times, really.


Jen said...

So much fun. I wish I lived closer... I would have finished my long run of 6 and could have started teh pancakes for you.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Recently found your blog! I'd love to have a bunch of running friends over for pancakes! Fun!