Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Superman Snow Slide

Last Long Run-
Very fitting for my last long run in this marathon training to be in snow. After all, I've been training all through a snowy winter already so why should the last training run be any different? All Saturday long runs are with training buds and I could not run in the snow without them. Well, I could, but it's so much better with people, why should I? I'm almost through my second winter in Rochester and I love my running partners, they have taught me so much about how to run in the snow. And most of all, they're always there doing it too, inviting you to jump in and join the fun.

16 "New" Inches of Snow-
We've had 16 inches fall from Thursday to Friday, and it just kept right on adding up all through this morning's run and throughout today. For the past 2 plus months we've had a solid 4 inches on the ground with much dry pavement. It's been a great winter for running. Of course there have been days of snow packed roads and slush, but more clear pavement then not. No one is complaining! Yesterday was the first day all winter I really needed my stabilicers for better snow traction. The roads were plowed, but there was a layer of ice underneath the powder, quite slick. Me, Colin, and our dog Rudy, had a fun 4 mile run in the snow yesterday afternoon. One cute sledding girl stopped us to pet Rudy and chat, she just loved him and asked if we were going to give him hot chocolate when we got home!!

Colin took these pics of me yesterday finishing the 4 miles on our neighborhood's snowy streets.

10 Wet Miles-
Today I started out with my stabilicers but took them off 5 miles into the run because I could feel a blister beginning on my toe from them. Plus the main roads were pavement with a lot of slush and the side roads were snow packed. Stabilicers and pavement just don't go well together. The best part of the run was turning onto a snow-packed side street after climbing a slushy hill. Picture gorgeous white snow clinging thickly to every tree branch on this tree-lined street. It was so beautiful and peaceful, we couldn't stop talking about it. The last mile and half, however, were on a slushy shoulder with lots of passing cars. We must have gotten completely sprayed by at least 5 cars! It was hilarious, some of them would try to get over but the gray yucky slush still went flying through the air in a perfect spray all over us! There was nothing to do but laugh and try to brush it off somewhat. My feet and shoes were as soaked as if I ran in a major rain downpour! But on we trekked to the finish of the training run.

Superman Snow Slide-
I know, you've been dying to know what this is all about. Well, about 7 miles into the run today, we were on a snow packed road with a deceptive layer of ice underneath the powder. We kept slipping and catching ourselves. Suddenly in a split second my left foot slipped and I was on my stomach with both arms stretched out in front of me for a lovely glide down the street. It was like Superman, really, only very graceful. I really did slide several inches! The first thing I did once I realized I was down was to stop my watch, whew! Ha ha! Then I flipped over on my back, made a snow angel and stood up. Remember when I fell, I was carrying my stabilicers in one hand and my water bottle in the other hand. It was pretty comical and we all joked about how it's a good thing my stabilicers were in my hand instead of on my feet...

That is actually the first time I've ever fallen on a run, period. I didn't realize it until today. Nothing hurt though, my left knee made a decent impact on the road but I couldn't even feel anything different after about two minutes, no worries about any injuries.

Shoveling with the Dogs-
After a post-run bowl of cereal, it was out to shovel the heavy wet snow off the driveway so Colin could get in when he came home from his 16 hour night shift. Good times, for him I mean. The dogs had a great time trotting around the yard while I shoveled it all away. It was a great morning! Now I only have 4 more short runs and 2 full rest days before the marathon on Sunday, March 7. Next post will be a race story. Wish me luck! By the way, it's still snowing at 5 pm.

Goliath(left) meanders through the drifting snow in the backyard while Rudy (right) strikes a pose in the snow while I shovel away...


Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Sounds like you and your friends are having fun in the snow! Glad you didn't get hurt in the fall. Hope you have fun at the marathon!

Jen said...

Glad you didn't get hurt... but I really wish I had a pic to see your SUPERMAN spread!

I did 7.5 yesterday. longest run since April.

Heather said...

How thrilled I was to find your post and read that you are a true athlete getting out there and getting it done in our Stabilicers! I assume you use the Sports style? Thank you so much for supporting 32north, a Maine company - proud to say that all our ice cleats are made right here in the US.
Looks like you have plenty of snow - here in Maine we've had a mild, "lazy" winter. With your permission I'd love to post your blog on our fb fan site to share with our community - mostly outdoor, athletic enthusiasts. You can check it out here:
Thanks again and good luck with your training!