Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowshoe Running Trail Race for Haiti

Pre-Race Pic-Left to Right: Jackson-the loveable trail running dog, Kathy, Nicole, Kirsten-showing off snowshoes, Wendy, Katie, Mark, Steve, in front is Ellen-race hostess with the most-est!

Last Sunday I got to strap on some snowshoes and run through snowy trails with lots of hills, all to benefit Haiti! And now I have something new to save my pennies for-SNOWSHOES!!!! I borrowed my friend Kathy's snowshoes made especially for running, and tried them out. It actually is quite amazing that I loved it so much considering I'm not a huge fan of trails or snow when it comes to running! But it was incredibly fun and challenging, a great workout, and the snowshoes provided an element of traction and control that made the snowy trails fun for running.

Me at the finish, smiling like a dork. :)

When I first put the snowshoes on I felt like a toddler learning to walk, but after a few strides out and back on the snowy field, I was ready to go! My first downhill slope on the trail itself was a bit unnerving but I adjusted and before long I felt confident. It was just me, the snowshoes, and the trail. It was beautiful, it was invigorating. I was definitely working hard, out of breath, and the muscles were in use! It felt great and I would recommend it to anyone! I'm told the more you run on snowshoes the better and faster you get. It wasn't about speed for me on race day, just being out there and running.

Our local running store, Fleet Feet, aka Yellowjacket Racing put the race on and all benefits went straight to Haiti. Additionally they had a shoe drive which resulted in a pick-up truck full of donated gently used running shoes. What a creative idea and way to continue to support Haiti relief efforts! Kudos to Boots and Ellen-the owners. They came up with a 2 loop trail course that we ran twice for a grand total of 4 miles. It had hills to climb, one named "Suicide Hill" which was straight up and literally had my legs burning on the second loop! There were also downhill portions and just regular old single track trails. All were snow-covered of course! My whole group had blast and we have lots of pictures to prove it!

The Gang After a Fun Race!

Me and my running bud, Katie. She WON the 5K road race and then WON the 4 mile trail race too! Consecutive race WINNER!

...another pre-race pic


Jen said...

Looks like so much fun. I miss my running buddies and can't wait for the training to start up again.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Running in snow shoes sounds like a fun challenge and a great workout!

That's great that it was a race to benefit Haiti!

Brick said...

you guys are like postal workers..."neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet...etc., etc."

looked like fun

abc said...

I've always wanted to wear snow shoes! (of course I would be walking in mine) That sounds like a lot of fun and such a great way to help out Haiti!