Friday, February 26, 2010


View of my street from my front steps, hard to really demonstrate the amount of snow in this pic...

Woke up to a bunch of drifting, blowing white stuff this morning and it's still coming down in a fine and steady shower of snow. A check of the internet confirmed the unthinkable-no school! I had a sub job lined up and everything, they never cancel school around here! I actually read it several times just to be sure it REALLY said schools closed. No worries, I'd hate to be at home when I was expected in a classroom.

I'm actually looking forward to a run in that thick, white snow today. Crazy! But I only need 4 miles and I could care less about my pace. I've already run everyday this week, including two marathon pace runs and one speedy tempo run. The snow will be a perfect and enjoyable training run with no pace goals. Better yet, after Colin finishes snow blowing and after we walk the dogs---also unheard of, we're such pathetic dog walkers---Colin is going to join me for the 4 mile run. Even though he's a little sore from our run yesterday and has to work a night shift tonight, he's going for a run with me. Yay!

Colin snow blowing in the back of the house, he loves doing this, seriously.

We'll see how it goes, the roads are plowed kind of, snow is somewhat packed. It's coming down and blowing which should make for lots of squinting. I'm still looking forward to it though. Hoping for as many roads as possible to be plowed by tomorrow for my last long run before marathon day, a measly 10 miles. And yes, you might be training for a marathon when 10 or 12 mile runs seem-dare we say it, SHORT? Yep, that's right, short.

Happy Winter Friends! ( I know it's almost March....still winter here, definitely.)


Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I've only run in snow one time and since it was a new experience, it was lots of fun. Hope you had a fun snow run!

Jen said...

Too funny... looks like you are getting what we had a couple of weeks ago.

My long run is tomorrow. Eek!

Anonymous said...

So a blizzard finally gotcha! Good for Colin joining you in a run--he can keep you on the left side of the road, haha. Does he have the "shoe equipment" for running on snow? "Your motha"

Carol said...

So glad Colin got to use the snowblower! I know that's his favorite thing to do.